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Privacy Policy

Skin Strong Australia Privacy Policy

  1. This Privacy Policy forms part of and must be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions.
  2. In this Privacy Policy:
    2.1. Privacy Act means the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and any ancillary rules, regulations, guidelines, orders, directions, directives, codes of conduct or practice or other instrument made or issued thereunder, including;
    2.1.1. any consolidation, amendment, re-enactment or replacement of any of them or the Privacy Act; and
    2.1.2. the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act.
    2.2. Personal Information has the meaning given to it in the Privacy Act.
  3. All Personal Information collected from you will only be used for the normal course of our business and we will not sell your Personal Information to 3rd parties.
  4. You consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of the following Personal Information by Us and our related entities:
    4.1. name;
    4.2. address;
    4.3. birth date;
    4.4. telephone numbers;
    4.5. email address;
    4.6. account details;
    4.7. interests and fitness activities; and
    4.8. purchase history.
  5. You consent to Us using and disclosing Your Personal Information as follows:
    5.1. to enter into an agreement with Us for the supply of Goods;
    5.2. to receive payment from You;
    5.3. to deliver Goods to You;
    5.4. to communicate with you;
    5.5. to provide our service providers;
    5.6. for planning and product development;
    5.7. to comply with our obligations or enforce our rights under the Terms;
    5.8. for marketing and promotional purposes;
    5.9. to provide exclusive offers and notification of events; and
    5.10. in other circumstances where We are legally entitled, obliged or required to do so, including any disclosure which is permitted or authorised under the Privacy Act.
  6. Your information will be stored digitally and secured by SSL encryption.
  7. We will share your Personal Information to the extent necessary to comply with our obligations or enforce our rights under the Terms.
  8. You, by purchasing from Us, agree that You understand and accept the provisions of this Privacy Policy.
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