Skin Strong DUST

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» Protects your feet    »  Keep blisters & foot fungus at bay    »  Prevents between toe rub    »  Stops the soggy shoe feeling    » Be feet worry-free

Sick of foot powders that clump and don’t do their job when they get wet? Sick of being able to smell your shoes before you see them? Partner complaining that your feet stink out the house? Grab yourself some Skin Strong DUST and solve all your feet and shoe issues! Seriously long-lasting protection and NO clumping even when wet due to the awesomeness of Teflon. Whilst Tea Tree Oil and Tolnaftate will keep your feet strong and healthy with their awesome anti-fungal properties.

  • Non-Greasy, Non-Sticky formula
  • Non-Clumping, still works when wet will not break down or turn into a paste
  • Non-Staining formula
  • Long-lasting protection – staying power to keep you going the distance
  • Anti-fungal properties
  • Moisture-wicking – prevents blisters and hot spots

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Some of the best uses for DUST:

  • Seriously long-lasting easy to use powder – it will last longer than you even think you need it too
  • Anti-fungal properties to keep the nasties at bay and your feet and shoes smelling awesome
  • Can be used in addition to SLIK and/or SLATHER
  • Moisture-wicking stop the soggy feeling
  • Prevention of hotspots and blisters on feet and between toes
  • Pre-ready your shoes in transition with a squeeze of DUST in each one

Our top tips for using DUST:

  • DUST is not made with talc or cornstarch as it’s base so instead of shaking the bottle you will need to squeeze the bottle to apply DUST evenly
  • The Teflon in DUST can sometimes coat the holes in the bottle – just like they do your feet. To remedy this just tap the bottle on a counter a couple of times (holes up) to clear them
  • Because DUST will not break down, your feet will still have a powdery coating even after a LONG session. Keep a towel by your door to clean your feet before trapesing DUST all over your floors (your partner will thank you!)


DUST Ingredients

PFTE, PE Wax, Tolnaftate, Basil Oil, Tea Tree Leaf Oil


Why am I having trouble getting DUST to come out of the bottle?

DUST is not like most powders that you shake! The Teflon that makes DUST coat and protects your feet, can sometimes coat the bottle as well. The best way to counteract this is to squeeze the DUST bottle into your socks or shoes.  If the holes on the bottle get blocked and squeezing is almost impossible just tap the bottom of the bottle on a counter a couple of times to dislodge the powder from the holes.

Yes, DUST is safe to use in the socks and shoes of children over 6 mo. of age.

Are SKIN STRONG products all-natural and hypoallergenic?

This answer comes straight from our in-house doctor along with our manufacturer:

Skin Strong products are formulated with a unique combination of ingredients including vitamins and essential oils that are important for the health of your skin. The hypoallergenic properties minimise irritation and allow you to perform at your highest level. Each of our products have undergone rigorous field testing and have proven to be safe and effective. At Skin Strong we believe that you can be strong and be comfortable.

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