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Win & Save With Skin Strong

Here you are going to find all the ways you can get discounts, win and be part of our amazing community we call the Skin Strong Squad.

Tag Us to Win $60 of Skin Strong

When you tag us on socials using @SkinStrongAustralia you go in our monthly draw to win $60 worth of Skin Strong! Plus we just love cheering and supporting everyone especially when we can’t do so in person. Remember for us to see the post your profile has to be public. Our favourite one each and every month wins. There is no limit to how many times you can enter, or how many times you can win! We love seeing all the amazing places you adventure and run in as well as the amazing ways you use our kit so please share with us.

We also love being able to reshare these with everyone – so make sure you let us know if we are ok to share these with everyone by reposting and using them on our socials, website and ads. Winner is announced on our socials each and every month.

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing with us directly on socials, you can also share an image with us via our support page. Keep in mind by doing this you give us permission to share this on our socials and in promotions. Want a shoutout? Fill out the form HERE. If we share your pic/post on social media you are in our monthly draw to win $60 of Skin Strong too.

Remember by sharing with us you are giving us permission to use your image in our socials, marketing and promotions. If you are not comfortable with this just get in touch and let us know.

Get $10 OFF - Free Standard Shipping & Be In The Monthly Draw​

If you want to save $10 OFF & Get FREE Standard Shipping on your first order PLUS be in our monthly draw to win $60 worth of Skin Strong join our Skin Strong Squad (register in the footer of this page).

Heads up the discount won’t work on Combo’s or Sale items or with any other offer or promotion.

As long as you are part of our Skin Strong Squad you are in our random monthly draw to win. This is drawn at the end of each and every month. We get the total number of people on the list and use Google’s random number generate to pick the winner of the list. We then shoot the winner an email letting them know they have won and how to claim their goodies as well as sharing the winner on socials.

We do practice regular list maintenance including regular list scrubbing and cleaning. We want you to get value out of our emails. This means if you don’t open the emails regularly and interact with us on the site you will be automatically removed from our email list. We want people to get the most from our email send outs. Of course, you can resubscribe at any time!

Get Social With Us - And Stay Up To Date!​

Yep if you interact and follow us on socials you will be amongst the first to know what is happening and be fully in the know when it comes to offers and promotions.

We Love Loyalty

We seriously love our customers just like you and value your feedback and opinions. It is the only way we can improve on things! This is one of the main reasons why we save our specials, discounts and offers for those that are like family.

When you purchase from us you are part of the family and we want you to feel like the amazing valued active person you are. This means you will be treated to offers, discounts and promotions from time to time when you purchase from us because everyone deserves to be a part of the family!

With the promotions that we run our Skin Strong Squad members will get the first chance at these specials and offers before the promotion finally goes live to everyone.

Want a cemented loyalty option? Join the Skin Strong Loyalty & Rewards Squad for ways to earn points and save $$. Read all about our Skin Strong Loyalty & Rewards Squad HERE.

Get $15 OFF - Free Standard Shipping & Exclusive Offers

If you want to save $15 OFF & Get FREE Standard Shipping on your next order PLUS be on the list for exclusive offers, promotions, discounts and SMS order updates join our Skin Strong SMS Squad.

Heads up the discount won’t work on Combo’s or Sale items or with any other offer or promotion.

We Want To Keep Things Fair

We really do! This means that as a general rule unless otherwise stated discounts, offers, promotions, sale pricing and combo pricing will not work with another offer, discount, promotion or on sale items, combos or with any other offer, promotion discount etc. Basically you can’t piggy back your offers, discounts and savings. Help us keep it fair for everyone!

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