Not sure if you need SLIK, SLATHER or DUST?

Get SLIK'd

if you want to
  • Make your wetsuit super easy to get on and off
  • Prevent thigh rub
  • Prevent underarm rub
  • Protect from your sports bra or heart rate monitor
  • Prevent all friction chafing


if you want to
  • Have an extra layer on top of SLIK
  • Use a superior chamois cream
  • Need LONG lasting protection
  • Prevent between toe rub
  • Prevent all tearing chafing

Get DUST'd

if you want to
  • Protect your feet
  • Keep blisters & foot fungus at bay
  • Prevent between toe rub
  • Stop the soggy shoe feeling
  • Be feet worry-free!
Skin Strong Australia About Us

Who we are!

Skin Strong was born many years ago when the creators’ John & Chandi were motivated to get off the couch and sign up for their very first race. It wasn’t long before they were training for triathlons, marathons and Ironmans along with the support and involvement of their five children!

Pretty early into the adventures, these passionate athletes became frustrated at the lack of high-performance skincare products on the market.

With drive, determination and the need to create the perfect skin protection they worked with a skin specialist to create their own… and Skin Strong was born!

Trail Running Poles

The Long Road to Howqua and the Case of the Disappearing Poles

“Lightning Protocol” is a phrase that sends Race Directors, Vollies, Event Medics and participants hearts into a free fall in the high country. Some runners think that the sole purpose of this protocol is to make them suffers, while others know its sole purpose is to keep them from becoming crispy fried humans. Regardless of

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Rest and Recovery

Rest & Recovery

Written by Nick June 2016 REST AND RECOVERY… ARE YOU GETTING ENOUGH?! I live a busy life. Business owner, early mornings and evenings training clients, wife and two young children, hectic school and social life, overseas family (ie. skype calls at odd hours!), and, if there is time left, training and racing in triathlons, cycling

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