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The Chafing Files - Part 2

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Run! Not Rub!

Pretty much all of us at some point in time have run our hearts out then gotten home to step into that amazing shower only to scream our heads off in pain.

Yep, those raw bits of skin do not like water and sweat combining like some type of torture device to get us to divulge our deepest secrets. Some people are super lucky and have never chafed in their lives (I really, really envy you) others, like me, have a few scars here and there almost acting as badges of honour. If you are more like me here are our top chafe prevention tips for runners – no matter how fast or slow you are!

Our three products work brilliantly together for a multi-prong anti-chafe effort:

– SLIK works a treat under the sports bra, under your sleeves and inner thighs.  Especially in hot/humid weather.  In fact, even if you are not running!  The smaller size is convenient for the handbag, and being a spray means it is hygienic too – spray wherever you may experience a rub or chafe

 – squeeze some DUST into your socks to keep your feet much fresher and avoid hot spots (Nick has been using this for his Oxfam 100 Trailwalker training and his feet are looking/feeling really good!).  It is moisture-wicking and really helps my feet feel much more comfortable, especially in the middle of summer when I am more in need of some chafe protection

– you can also add some SLATHER between your toes if you are having extra trouble with blisters/chafing on your feet (Nick does this for extra ‘protection’ if out on a very long, hot run).  It works well too applied OVER SLIK for super-extra chafe protection  🙂

We had some brilliant feedback on the DUST from Shona Stephenson, an elite Ultra Marathon Trail runner –

“I recently tested DUST over 40km of trail running through mangroves, mud, salt pans, beaches, road, grass in my trusty Inov8’s X-Talons 212 and noticed that my feet remained blister, callous and infection-free.  I started the run with a few cracks in the balls of my feet, slightly infected, a bit swollen so it was the perfect breeding ground for a food infection.  I ran through every bit of mud and mangrove I could find testing out the DUST and found it really did help my feet…  I will be using it from now on for all my training and races.”

If you would like more info on how to use Skin Strong to avoid the rub on your next run – get in touch!