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The Chafing Files - Part 1

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Chafing for cyclists – We have you covered!

Whether you cycle 20km over a weekend or love the challenge of 200km or even more, chafing and saddle soreness can really put a spanner in your carbon spokes.

Here are our top tips to avoid the burn and post shower scream:

1. Bike Shorts

If you cycle in jeans it is not going to end well (hard to believe I know).  To help reduce the friction on your saddle, it is worth investing in quality bike shorts that fit well and won’t rub.  These are best if non-absorbant, moisture-wicking and have a decent chamois to cushion your delicate areas.  No undies…

If you’re cycling every day, try to mix it up with a few different styles so you don’t have the same seams in the same place each and ever day, or try seamless shorts.   And be sure to wash them regularly (does this need to be said?!)

2. Saddle

This is critical.  It may sound counterproductive, but consider a narrower saddle and look for one with an open section as this reduces compression and pressure in the area between your sit bones (the bony bits at the base of your pelvis where your hamstrings attach).

Everyone is different, so be sure to test several styles and sizes to find the seat that fits you best – be aware of where your weight is resting and whether you are leaning forwards or backwards.

3. Bike Set-Up

Get yourself into your local bike shop for a proper fit.  An adjustment of just a few millimeters can make all the difference to the comfort of your ride and whether or not you chafe.


Why?  SLATHER provides long-lasting protection against chafing, saddle sores and skin irritations.  With anti-fungal tea-tree oil and just enough menthol to keep you cool, SLATHER is also gentle enough for sensitive areas AND can soothe already chafed skin… 

BONUS tip – help keep your feet in top condition by squeezing some DUST into your socks or straight into your shoes before you peddle off.  It will help keep them fresh and dry!

What is your best tip for staying chafe free on the bike?  We would LOVE to know! Please share them with us!

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