Skin Strong chamois cream, anti chafe and anti blister range for athletes, triathletes, runners and swimmers

Race Calendars & Transitions

Written by Nick – in 2016 We are almost 2 months into 2016, and with no race/event entered, it’s high time I get sorted!  Living in SE Queensland there is an abundance of opportunity close by – tri...
Skin Strong anti-chafe, anti-blister and chamois cream. Anti-chafe and anti-blister spray and anti-chafe and anti-blister cream and foot powder. Chamois cream safe for women

The Chafing Files - Part 1

Chafing for cyclists – We have you covered! Whether you cycle 20km over a weekend or love the challenge of 200km or even more, chafing and saddle soreness can really put a spanner in your carbon sp...