Triathlete training in winter - how to train through winter by Skin Strong

Surviving Winter as a Triathlete: Embrace the Chill!

Triathlon is traditionally a summer sport – for good reason – most triathletes (and lets face it athletes in general) prefer not to turn into icicles during training! As the temperature drops and i...
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I Want To Set You A Challenge

I want to set you a practical challenge. You see words (and thoughts) have power. Not just a little power a LOT of power. This year we are all about embracing your power, and smashing through limit...
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Stop Making Resolutions

Yep, it’s a bold statement. Stay with me as I explain. I am writing this at the dawn of a brand-new year. This means the talk of New Year Resolutions is abundant and a little daunting, to be honest...